Movie Review: The Lost Thing

Children’s, 15 Minutes, 2010: The Lost Thing on IMDB

This is amazingly, completely, totally and utterly brilliant.

Go find it.  Watch it.  It’s only 15 minutes – I’ll wait.

. . .

See what I mean?

Did you see how completely fluid and charming the animation was?  Did you catch how lovingly they integrated the source material?  The gorgeous scenery?  Yes, you will want to go back and freeze some of those frames.  I’ll wait.

. . .

Tim Minchin’s narration – wasn’t it awesome?  So understated but deeply layered.  Of course I noticed how it conveyed the contrast between the childish and the mature perfectly without being stark or jarring.  I agree completely that the script was brilliantly understated (but I don’t see how that detracts from his performance and I hope that’s not what you’re suggesting).

I suppose we may have to agree to disagree about which scene was most poignant but I’m sure we’re on the same page when it comes to the marketing: it’s a travesty to lump this in with all the low-budget, horribly produced children’s shorts on the market.  This is something special for everybody.

I know that we could talk about this for hours but for now do you just want to watch it again?  Yes, I thought you might.


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