Movie Review: Crawlspace

IMDB, CrawlspaceSci-fi/Horror, 86 Minutes, 2012: “Crawlspace” on IMDB

Stop me if you heard this one before: a bunch of scientists in a secret underground base are creating monsters. Something goes very wrong (or very right, I suppose) and the monsters get out. The base goes dark. The government sends in a crack squad of soldiers to clean up the mess and kill anybody left breathing. When they get there it’s more than they bargained for and everything goes pear-shaped. One of the experimental subjects turns out to be the former lover of one of the commandos. He ignores his orders to kill her on sight. The head scientist doesn’t want to see his greatest achievement killed and he tries to sabotage the mission…

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Movie Review: The Host

IMDB, The HostHorror, 120 Minutes, 2006: “The Host” on IMDB

I’m not sure where this movie has been hiding for 10 years, but it should have come out and waved a long time ago! Classically themed monster movies are something of a rarity; especially in the United States. Luckily, as is often the case, the foreign market – in this case South Korea – is often ready to step in and pick the slack when Hollywood decides that moony-eyed-teen-love-triangles is the only thing that will sell.

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Movie Review: Parked

IMDB, ParkedDrama, 94 Minutes, 2010: “Parked” on IMDB

This is a quiet, little, personal drama. Like most quiet, little, personal dramas this lives or dies on the success of the actors. The script is crucial as well, of course, but good actors can carry a weak script – and weak direction, lighting, staging and pacing. If the actors can grab you up front and convince you that their characters are authentic, you’ll accept just about anything else.

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Movie Review: My Dog Tulip

IMDB, My Dog TulipDrama, 83 Minutes, 2009: My Dog Tulip on IMDB

This is an odd little animated movie that I immensely enjoyed.  The story is, basically, a biography of Tulip, an Alsatian dog owned by Londoner J.R. Ackerley.  Tulip is, most people would have to concede, a “problem dog”.  She’s rambunctious, hyperactive, possessive and unruly.  Her owner lives in constant wonder of her.

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Movie Review: Amélie

IMDB, AmelieComedy, 122 Minutes, 2001: Amélie on IMDB

I recently decided to introduce this film, one of my absolute, all-time favorite movies for ever-and-ever, to my kids.  Both of them, ages 11 and 14, groaned out loud at the idea of “reading a movie”.  Both were completely entranced, as I knew they would be, in the first 10 minutes.

Written and directed by the incomparable Jean-Pierre Jeunet [IMDB] and starring the epically cast Audrey Tautou [IMDB] (I honestly don’t think this would have been possible without her) the film is a love story to the little things in life.  We follow Amélie Poulain, a shy waitress in Paris that sees things just slightly… differently than those around her.

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Movie Review: Spud

IMDB, SpudComedy, 103 Minutes, 2010: Spud on IMDB

[This is the sixteenth selection in my irregular, “My Wife and Kids are Visiting Relatives and I’m Home Watching Movies” film festival.]

Set in South Africa in 1990 (the same year Nelson Mandella was released from prison) the movie chronicles Johnny Milton’s first year at an exclusive boys boarding school.  Having gotten into the school on a scholarship he begins the first day already embarrassed by his less-than-wealthy parents fawning over him and ends it with the nickname “Spud” unceremoniously given to him after the rest of guys see him naked in the shower.

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Movie Review: Bumblefuck, USA

IMDB, Bumblefuck USADrama, 91 Minutes, 2011: Bumblefuck, USA on IMDB

The basic idea here was very good.  Alexa (Cat Smit [IMDB]) is a pretty Dutch girl whose gay friend has killed himself.  To discover why, she travels to his small hometown in Iowa and interviews people about their experiences being gay in middle-America.

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