Movie Review: We Need to Talk about Kevin

IMDB, We Need to Talk about KevinThriller, 112 Minutes, 2011: “We Need to Talk about Kevin” on IMDB

Kids suck, amirite or amirite? I mean you’re perfectly happy living your life, spending your disposable income and sleeping through the night. You want to go out; you go out! You want to beat “Final Fantasy VII” in a sitting; you do it! Then, out of nowhere, BAM! Then, nine-months later it all goes to hell. The crying, diaper changing and total lack of privacy. And don’t get me started on the enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior!

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Movie Review: Dark Country

IMDB, Dark CountryThriller, 88 Minutes, 2009: “Dark Country” on IMDB

Thomas Jane [IMDB] stars in and directs this dark, psychological thriller. Dick (Jane) and Gina (Lauren German [IMDB]) met, fell in love and got married all in the same day. But that’s the kind of thing that happens in Las Vegas. They’re driving Gina’s old Ford through the desert at night – it’s the only way to beat the heat – so that they can start their new life together. Things go from bad to worse when they run down an accident victim and have to deal with a quickly unraveling set of circumstances.

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Movie Review: Europa Report

IMDB, Europa ReportScience-Fiction/Thiller, 90 Minutes, 2013: “Europa Report” on IMDB

If you liked “Gravity” (my review) then you’re a smart, discerning and, if I may say, strikingly attractive individual. You’ll also love “Europa Report”. The movie presents a highly realistic space mission; in this case a multi-year, multi-national mission to Europa, Jupiter’s sixth moon. All our (actual) evidence indicates that Europa is home to massive, warm water-oceans under its geologically active crust of ice. It’s generally understood to be our best legitimate shot of finding extraterrestrial life in the solar system.

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Movie Review: Slasher House

IMDB, Slasher HouseHorror, 85 Minutes, 2012: “Slasher House” on IMDB

[Wife and kids are away visiting for the holidays. I’m staying home with movies and am back to the blood bucketing.]

This is pretty good ultra-low-budget horror. It’s a pretty damn bad anything else, but with a budget less than most used cars you do have to set expectations accordingly.  There is often an undeniable charm to be found when literally every penny counts.

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Movie Review: The Perfect Host

IMDB, The Perfect HostThriller, 93 Minutes, 2010: The Perfect Host on IMDB

Taking a break from gorging on the summer blockbusters we missed, we gave this little indie darling a try. The decision was based solely on David Hyde Pierce’s [IMDB] participation – his very first starring role, no less. We had no preconceptions and little idea what to expect.

The movie begins with an injured thief, John (Clayne Crawford [IMDB]), looking for someplace to lie low.  The purpose of these scenes is to make the audience comfortable with John’s character.  He’s a hardened criminal, but not a brutal or unfeeling one.  He’s willing to do what needs to be done, as he sees it, but happily accepts the path of least resistance.  Bleeding and desperate he knocks on a random door and cons his way in.

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Movie Review: Dredd

IMDB, DreddAction, 95 Minutes, 2013: Dredd on IMDB

The original attempt at capturing “Britain’s Number One Comic Hero”, 1995’s “Judge Dredd” [IMDB] was, let’s be honest, not a terrible movie.  It was a bit ham-fisted and trite but also had a decent story, some great design work and lots of action.  It was not, however, a good Judge Dredd movie.  It tried, lord knows it tried.  In the final judgement (get it?!) it just didn’t capture the character very well.  While some fans considered the removal of the character’s helmet pure sacrilege the issues went deeper than that.  The movie ended up too light, to uneven and just plain too Hollywood.

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Movie Review: Cherry Tree Lane

IMDB, Cherry Tree LaneDrama/Thriller, 77 Minutes, 2013: Cherry Tree Lane on IMDB

A couple starts dinner.  There’s quiet resentment hanging in the air.  They eat in silence for several minutes.  An attempt at small talk quickly devolves to petty sniping and veiled insults.  The tension is visible and resentment hangs thick in the air.  The doorbell rings.

Three thugs push their way in, beat the husband fiercely and tie them up.  The thug in charge, just a kid really, tells the couple that their son has gotten his cousin in trouble and needs to pay.   He’s going to wait until he comes home and kill him.

It’s really a promising start to a thriller.

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